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Working with Claire made me realise the power of going inside myself to find the answer to my problems. I had spent years buying more, doing more, keeping myself busy to distract from the inner turmoil that I had. Working with Claire is a deep and meaningful process but it worked for me and has been an emotional and spiritual journey to really change my life around.

Amanda Cornily

I have stayed hidden in my own world for many years, thinking it was just the person I am. After reading Claire's approach to therapy I wanted to give it a go as EFT is something I had not tried. Claire's direct and compassionate approach to me was comfortable and enabled me to open up and let a lot of old past events and beliefs go.

Charlotte Ashbey

Claire Patterson has helped me so much to battle demons and give me ways to get over past events and insecurities xxx you're amazing xxx

Catherine Payne

I cannot believe how much I have changed since starting EFT. My past is now in my past. I now have choice and it no longer controls my future. I have accepted what has happened and have moved on. It no longer dominates me, I feel free

Zoe Vickers

Claire is truly special for her compassion and commitment to helping others, speaking up for what she believes in and proving herself to be an impassioned and inspiring leader. She is insightful, sensitive and perceptive. She has truly proven her resilience and strength through the challenging circumstances in life and still gives to others through her special skill of EFT.

Annette Burgess

Claire has helped me get over many fears that were holding me back to live the life I knew I could. Tapping has also helped me to leave the past in the past and not let it affect me. I highly recommend for everyone for deep stuff and consistant tapping for daily stress. I am always on her workshops 🙂 xxx

Kerry Stockton

Christian EFT (Tapping) has enabled me to be more receptive to God and give me more freedom to pray. Just to open up to my Father who I trust and have Faith. I realised I was to build up with stress and worry that I could not receive from him Tapping has changed my relationship with God. Praise God he directed me to this

Lucy Dyer

Something happened in my life that completely changed me forever, it seemed to take away my happiness within, minutes I felt stuck and very alone. Claire was recommended through a friend and I am eternally grateful for finding EFT, it is now a constant tool that I use. Claire understood, straight away, and with EFT completely eliminated the anxiety.

Natalie McGee

Claire has made me realise my potential, knowing it's OK to be who I am, accepting and moving on and utilising that knowledge of my innerself to get to where I want to be. Thanks Claire xx

Claire Lane

Claire's passion and direct approach was refreshing for me. I have seen a counselor for many years and whilst this created a lot of awareness around my problem just needed to release it, instead of talking more about it. Tapping and Claire's coaching style got me straight to the truth of my issue. Thank you Claire, I agree EFT is a brilliant technique and self empowering.

Deborah Cooper
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