About me

About me

This is me

Claire Patterson

I'm a mother to three, a foster mother, a wife, a Christian and owner of Transform InsideOut.

My favourite scripture since becoming a Christian 5 years ago is Romans 12:2 ``Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind``

My life has been journey of God sending many wonderful people to serve me despite not being a Christian for 38 of those years. These people helped me heal in dark areas of my heart, with no gain of their own. The joy it led me to in my heart, fulfilment in my purpose then grew my passion to serve others in the area of emotional and mental transformation.

I love to partner with individuals to change themselves from the InsideOut, enabling them to test and approve what God's will is for their life, his pleasing and perfect will for all people.

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My Testimony

My journey in personal development started when I was 28; 16 years ago. I was a sales director, managing teams, doing the corporate team and leadership life when I was sent on my first ever course to qualify in Life and Performance Coaching. Up until then I had been living an Outside-In life, ‘happy’ if all was going well, driven by success and money; very much worldly ‘things’. During my first ever course i started to realise the track my life was on; I witnessed the internal healing that I needed. There were areas in my life that drove some very destructive and unhealthy behaviours. Not knowing where to start at 28 years of age I just started on as many change/mindset courses that i could and worked my way through, qualifying and fully participating in many of them over many years, this aided my healing and my business was born with a passion to help others.

In 2016 I became a born again Christian, this again changed my life and filled a God shaped hole in my heart that brought such contentment and love on a new level. I am a practicing Christian now but this wonderful change in my life has only heightened my passion and love for people.

InsideOut works with all beliefs from all walks of life.  Beliefs drive our lives and create our realities, so during the therapy process we explore what you ‘believe’ to be true. What I personally found out is that many of my beliefs were not mine but ones that had been put there by others, and they were not so good.

I now have the pleasure serving others in many capacities, one of them being helping others to heal with God at the centre of all I do.

Am I right for you?

I initially trained as a Life and Performance Coach 16 years ago. I then started my InsideOut Coaching Practice and discovered very quickly that ‘logical’ therapies, whilst powerful for awareness and conscious logic, had restrictions for many of my clients. In battling and overcoming depression, anxiety, compassion fatigue, stress issues, anger issues, many of my clients either did not know ‘why’ they felt they way they did OR did know logically but the issue was not changing no matter how much they spoke or analysed it. I then went on to qualify as an advanced EFT Practitioner and use this as my main therapy now along with Biblical Coaching and Mentoring and linguistic therapy.

My approach works predominately on our non-conscious (our minds). This is where we store our core beliefs, our life experiences so far in memory, good and bad past events, traumas, limiting beliefs about ourselves. It is the amazing part of us that runs 95% of who we ‘think’ we are, based on our past inputs and events often my clients know very little about their mind and how it works for them or against them.

My approach is for you to fully learn what you truly believe, learning and growing in knowledge of how you are created and the possibilities of who you are. Our focus is to find FEAR beliefs, lies that you have stored and traumatic events that now drive your emotionally, physically and mentally throughout life and let them go, morph them into new memories, see them for the past events they are and change the linked fear around them. These FEAR beliefs drive depression,  feelings of anxiousness, depletion of compassion and love for others, stress and so on.

We will explore your beliefs and see how they are working out for you so far.  I meet you right where you are, without judgement or pressure and with you, in partnership we renew and transform the mind to bring you to a place of love, peace and joy, ultimately what we are all chasing in life if we look closely.

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