Approaches Explained

Approaches Explained

How I can help

Below are videos, explanations and the carefully tested and adaptable approaches we take together and how they work. My approaches are built on a foundation of working from the InsideOut. Not just changing and adjusting a few things, but transformation. These approaches are to get you to look inside yourself and what your HEART believes. Not your head, your academic knowledge, your intelligence but your HEART.  Your Heart is your non-conscious TRUTH, everything that truly drives your behaviours, perspectives, attitudes, habits and so on. We work together to examine your inner beliefs and what truly drives the symptoms you have come to see me about in your life now.   

One of my main techniques is the tapping technique – a powerful neuroscience based, psychological technique that simply clears stress chemicals and hormones to position your body for receiving healing. I use language therapies to add in the ‘power of the tongue’ and how we use our words to heal ourselves and keep ourselves positioned at all times. 

In the 21st century, most of us are trying to function physiologically under huge abnormal levels of stress.  In these high levels of stress our bodies produce hormones and chemicals (such as adrenaline and cortisol)  that keep us in such a way that we are purely functioning from parts of the brain that does not allow us rest, reflect, think, be in God’s presence, exactly where God wants us. Instead, we stay stuck in our bodies negative state, our minds in fight, flight or freeze mode and these chemicals and hormones get to drive our daily behaviours and choices. In this place we are in no position to heal any non-conscious old beliefs about ourselves, stored memories of trauma driving our lives, stopping our natural God given abilities receiving what is already ours.

I work with my clients online and one to one or in group workshops.

Please take the time to watch the video’s below for additional information on my approach on working with you.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is space and time to REFLECT where you are at right now. We work together within a framework of a proven, simple process so you can look inside yourself to gain clarity and truth of your situation right now. The process of Life Coaching takes you through a process of reflection to gain new perspective, sort through a busy mind and when clarity is gained we can work on where you want to be next.

We then we work on a plan to move forward, develop and plan how you become the best leader of yourself first then making wise choices around the person you want to become.

We will predominately use the tapping technique to breakthrough limiting and core beliefs that are holding you back throughout the coaching journey.

Neuroscience Knowledge and Understanding

'We are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made' Psalms 139:14

You will gain knowledge of the truly powerful, creation, God has made you to be. Not only will you gain knowledge but you will experience, through EFT (tapping) the flow of Love and Forgiveness that is already there waiting for you.

Tapping Technique

We are fearfully and wonderfully made, when we are in the physiological state we were designed to be in. Unfortunately, most of us are living in such a high state of Stress that we have no ability too ' be still', think, reflect, heal, release, let go of things in life. We have all past significant experiences 'experiences' that are coded and stored as part of who we are, in our non- conscious minds. This drives our realities today.

Tapping works to significantly lower stress hormones and chemicals, this enables us to work deep with our non-conscious minds, to identify where the disempowering and traumatic memories are stored, it enables release and letting go of the past so we can live for the now, with new choice.

Language Therapy

'The tongue has the power of life and death' Proverbs 18:21

We have the ability to use our words to build up ourselves internally and others externally, or bring down. The choice is yours but in during coaching with me we examine and change our internal and external voices.

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